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Pitch 1

Help us revolutionize learning in preschools to form the next generation of morally brave pioneers and change makers.


Pitch 1

Help us revolutionize learning in preschools to form the next generation of morally brave pioneers and change makers.

Our solution

Our solution

Magic Garden

A groundbreaking interactive theatre and creative schooling philosophy.


Help us inspire and form the hearts + minds of our future generation – nurture and challenge them to become morally brave pioneers and change makers. Create life-long changes with lasting social impact – starting with a bold new vision for our early childhood education.

We have a groundbreaking interactive theater and schooling philosophy that together will revolutionize the early childhood education industry on a global scale.

As long term experts and pioneers in design and early childhood education we are looking for impact investors and partners to help us achieve its full potential by contributing to a worldwide roll-out of our interactive theater and schooling philosophy.

To date, our solution has unlocked profound impact in learning behavior for young learners, and there are educators and parents asking for more.


core team and partners

core team and partners


Pioneering Team

If you want to bring about profound positive change, create a new world or even an ark, this is your reworlding team. We believe it would take the most creative generation of morally brave pioneers and change makers, empowered from their formative preschool years to learn to build such a great future.

Our team is spearheading a movement in Posthuman education and design with Cape Town University to support our vision.

We are long term experts and pioneers in design, emerging technologies and early childhood education.


Krister Guatafsson


I am a UX Designer with 17 years industrial design experience in museums and startups.

Ever since being inspired as a child by Disney’s “Peter Pan” and my parent’s experimental work in building space satellites, I have designed whole worlds around customers’ journeys. As a child, the garage was my innovation lab, full of daring experiments that lead me to create my first theatre. That excitement and drive to create transformative experiences has only increased with age and experience.

I have the unique ability to dream up innovative solutions and then drill down to the most granular detail across all touchpoints: spatial, physical, digital and services. The cross-channel worlds I have designed in multidisciplinary teams since, encompassed 17 emerging technologies and over 240 unique, educational, interactive experiences and exhibitions. To make my designs pervasive beyond a museum’s walls, and my method leaner, I pursued UX.

Design Portfolio:


Karin Murris

Karin Murris is Full Professor of Pedagogy and Philosophy at the School of Education at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Grounded in philosophy as an academic discipline, her main research interests are in pedagogies such as Philosophy with children and Reggio Emilia, school ethics and post-qualitative research methods. 

President of the International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children (ICPIC), 
Principal Investigator of the Decolonising Early Childhood Discourses: Critical Posthumanism in Higher Education research project funded by the South African National Research Foundation (NRF). 


Michael Lai

The solution to the problems in your 'too hard basket', experience designer, impact investor and co-founder

Michael’s passion of creating strategies and processes to solve intractable problems spans 17 years as a former biotechnologist and more recently an experience designer in online digital media. His scientific rigour and unique creative process has contributed to innovative solutions for over 20 complex and paradoxical problems in 8 private, government and non-profit sectors across Asia and Australia.

Michael is an impact-investor, designer and co-founder of 8 startups in education, food and health. He is a Justice of the Peace. Less well known are his exploits of being the pioneer of ‘hanakami’ – using flower petals to create miniature origami cranes and experimental micro-terrariums.


Sylvie Gustafsson

Children’s philosopher, cultural scientist, early childhood educator, pediatric nurse and co-founder.

Sylvie’s pioneering work in making learning more meaningful and engaging, by using Children’s Philosophy in interactive exhibits, began in 2008 with curating and co-designing the first Bupa-sponsored Magic Garden and her master thesis in cultural studies. Bremen University, the University of New South Wales and the Powerhouse Museum recognized her impact as “a world first”, “an innovation and a milestone in Children’s Philosophy”. She is producer of 46 unique public programs using children’s philosophy and interactive exhibits.

Sylvie’s 17 years working with children evolved from being a pediatric nurse and infant massage therapist to becoming a cultural scientist, curator, certified children’s philosopher in primary schools and prototyping new learning technologies using children’s philosophy as an early childhood educator.





Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA, MCFE

Advisor. Former Executive Chef to the U.S. President & Master Strategist

Camp David Resort Manager & White House Chef-US Military Retired (@ 39). NOW: Hotel GM w/CFO & CMO master sales skills.

Empowers, BUILDS & creates profit-rich teams with mutual trust, shared purpose, generosity, & good governance - hallmarks of the happiest nations on earth. Multiple #1 hotel, CPG, food, & sales awards. A 30-year, retired, war-vet living on three continents; learning six languages. Accredited investor. Seen often on the Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC Nightly News, The Washington Post, Times of London, The Australian, Huffington Post, USA Today, India Times & 150+ articles.

Highly visible, exemplary leadership. Easy to find, at the center of the battle. Leading. NOT 60 miles behind enemy lines. Knighted in Brussels. Iraq Medal wearer.

CEO of The Inn of The Patriots, Presidential Service Center and Presidential Culinary Museum and Intercontinental Academy of Household, Hotel and Resort Management.


Mr. Mongiello has offered

The expanding Inn of the Patriots is providing us in Grover, North Carolina:

  1. Land, architecture and construction with no repayments required on a mortgage for 1 year:

  2. Customers: hotel guests and staff

  3. Free accommodation for 1 year

  4. EB5 visa and relocation to America

  5. Potentially a second preschool and innovation lab facility in Washington DC.

This will provide The Inn of the Patriots the most advanced day care onsite.


Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

At stake are questions of being/becoming, knowing, getting along together and living well.
— Karen Barad, 2013

Our pioneering team is creating the next generation of morally brave pioneers and change makers able to reworld our planet, beginning with their formative years.

To achieve that, you need a pathbreaking schooling philosophy supported by groundbreaking educational resources that together are scientifically proven to grow creative, critical, caring and collaborative thinkers.


Interactive Theatre

Interactive Theater

Interactive Theatre

Interactive Theater


Core Benefits


1. Kids create their own worlds of discovery that continually adapt to their unique role plays.

2. Parents who miss seeing their children get to role play with them, as their first and most influential educators.

3. Educators are freed to spend more quality time with children, exploring an unprecedented limitless range of learning settings, teaching methods and meeting inspiring communities from right around the world, without the logistical costs and time preparing educational programs.

4. Workplace diversity is increased.

5. Children experience dramatically increased focus, maturity, broad-mindedness, creative potential and productivity.


Magnus feeds apples to his dad, the greedy caterpillar.

How it works

  • Our online, interactive theater uses digitally projected scenes, costumes and props that constantly and intuitively adapt to keep up with children’s rapidly changing learning interests and role plays.
  • Children and educators create their worlds and visit parts of the world they would like to explore simply by wishing for it.
  • Educators can easily invite parents and communities to play characters in virtual incursions.
  • Parents are immersed in their child’s imaginative stories by seeing the role and scenes they play in.

Educators are freed to spend more quality time teaching their curriculum using an unprecedented limitless range of methods and scenarios.

Educators love the interactive theater because it intuitively offers unlimited possibilities in exploration. It adapts to their teaching philosophies and what they and children choose to be engaged with in the moment.

Without being restricted by conventional educational program development costs, time, resources and logistics, educators will can role play and engage children in educational material previously considered too difficult to present in the classroom.



Now educators can recreate their rooms to even travel inside a whale at full scale. Then, quickly change topic, diving down to discover monstrous deep-sea creatures without losing time or money on preparing and cleaning up teaching aids, like the paper diving masks that were torn up in the first two minutes.


It’s like taking your theater places with your camera, Google Images and Google Earth.

Wishing instantly fills the space with imagery pulled from the Internet, a split second before the imagery becomes interactive to support their role plays. It’s a new frontier in the internet of imagery.

It’s like the dollhouse that you created then instantly grows to fill your whole room.

Children create new worlds using an unlimited range of traditional mediums from sketching to building with sticks found outdoors, all the while enlarging their creation to cover the room. It’s like building a ‘doll house’ as a scale model of their own room. Children see their room transform as they build and decorate that ‘doll house’. And because they use any medium, the possibilities for a new world are unlimited.


Impact in Schooling

Impact in Schooling

Impact in Schooling

Impact in Schooling


Our successful tests in preschools show a dramatic increase in creative and learning potential.



The interactive theater encourages and allows the child to more deeply reflect and build upon a problem or scenario that is in front of them, either independently or cooperatively with other children or educators.

  • 3 year olds focus 3-9 times longer because their imagined world is realised around them.
  • 4 and 5 year old’s philosophical cognition and contextual understanding is increased to that of 7 year olds.
  • Children collectively exhibit a calm focus and curiosity. Together they argue their points calmly and confidently.
  • A wider range of developmental behaviours emerge (more than 10 detected per session). 
  • Collaboration and parallel play are nearly 3 times more likely to occur. 
  • Children use their whole bodies in multi-sensory learning which increases memory retention. It is also inclusive of children who are disadvantaged by today’s vision-based learning and have great strengths in learning through other senses including kinetic learning for example.


Role playing and Intercommunication skills

It strengthens cooperative, negotiation and intercommunication skills between children and educators alike. 

  • Role plays are triggered more than twice as often.
  • Leadership and initiative taken to direct role plays is increased two and half times.
  • More than 4 times as many new stories and anecdotes are created and communicated.

Imaginary Development

It strengthens problem solving abilities.

  • Children are 12 times more likely to reimagine their story and 3 times more likely to adapt scenes and props to each new story. This extends the educational value and playtime.
  • Ideas are realised as a physical representation twice as often.
  • Scaffolding: children build on each other’s ideas nearly 8 times more often.
  • Children are 9 times more likely to communicate how meaningful their imagined world is and their presence in it.
  • Children are 4 times more likely to join educational programs presented with a meaningful mission and a captivating world they can construct.

Our interactive theaters personalize the curriculum for individual pupils in a group simultaneously

  • Each child's unique strengths and talents are catered to and become vehicles to manage any difficulties in the one class activity. 
  • Parents and preschool workers will be able to work together directly to resolve a child’s discomfort or cognitive disabilities. 

Educators can help children build more familiar relationships in their local community and abroad to boost their social development

Extend learning and enrich diversity by easily inviting more incursions of inspiring professionals and playtime with children from all around the globe.

Our difference

Our difference

Our Difference


Cutting edge design and thinking process.

We uniquely believe that learning through play is encoded in our DNA. Humans have evolved to learn this way. The implications for designing educational spaces, products and services are radical because learning is made effortless and intuitive in stark contrast to using text and conventional technologies that act as hindrances to learning because we have not had enough time to evolve to use them. Thinking like this continually produces designs that are integrated more naturally into the lives of our customers over the longer term, and that outlast trends.   

A breakthrough approach to change early childhood education.

We use Posthuman Children’s Philosophy. This unique approach recognizes that as humans we are not the center of our learning experience. Instead, learning happens collaboratively with everyone and everything around us continually contributing to produce new knowledge. Knowledge always evolves. And learning to ask good questions and disrupting established norms and dogmatic relationships are key. Thinking like this has “profound implications for learning, teaching and research” including the impact we have on our environment. In a Posthuman school, we recognize there is much about that world that is not known. Children build empathetic relationships with each other and their environment through becoming researchers and active knowledge creators. 

The creative potential of this approach far exceeds conventional schooling and makes it possible to grow a generation ready to reimagine and reworld our planet.

Combining the two philosophies

These two philosophies leverage off each other to create the ideal space for bringing new learning technologies to market by:

  • Increasing the creative and learning potential of children and adults.
  • Providing new insights into human learning that spawn new designs.
  • Making research and development more robust while producing more ideas faster.

Other markets

Other markets

Additional Markets


Outside the preschool industry, our interactive theaters will be revolutionary by:

  1. Increasing the well-being of military families separated during deployments.
  2. Giving corporate marketing managers cutting edge exhibition stands sporting higher customer-conversion rates.
  3. Transforming creative work spaces into places for team building and prototyping ideas faster without the burden of material and logistical costs




Marti Mongiello

Former White House Chef and Camp David Presidential Resort and Conference Center GM

“As a member of the World Board of Sanitarians with the largest number of teaching and testing centers on earth, I can tell you that my colleague Krister is headed in the exact direction of learning that Experior Worldwide is.  Learning by “digital game instruction experience” and “learning by video doing” is where everything is moving.  Once a human interacts, experiences and does, learning escalates to massive retention levels of 80% versus listening to a professor drone on for two hours and simply reading along.”

We have many more ideas

We have many more ideas

We have many more ideas

We have many more ideas


We are prototyping more pathbreaking ideas in schooling and visionary inventions in educational, emerging technologies including:


Emerging Technologies

  1. Internet of Imaging
  2. Smart Rooms
  3. 3D printed interactive playgrounds and robotically self-assembling playgrounds.
  4. Telepresence and video conferencing
  5. Social Robotics 
  6. Shape-changing interiors that continually adapt to movement to create new learning spaces, performance stages and secret hideaways.

Schooling using Children’s Philosophy

  1. Learning to ask good questions
  2. Children as researchers and collaborative knowledge creators
  3. Disrupting established dichotomies and establishing non-dogmatic relationships
  4. Intra-active pedagogies
  5. Inverting the human-centred perspective that drives the geological age of the Anthropocene, to form empathetic relationships with human beings and the environment.
  6. Children develop the emergent curriculum and assess learning together with parents and educators
  7. Reworlding and decolonising childhood

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Contact Us

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