Krister Gustafsson

Founder and pioneer of The interactive theater


I am a UX Designer with 17 years industrial design experience in museums and startups.

Ever since being inspired as a child by Disney’s “Peter Pan” and my parent’s experimental work in building space satellites, I have designed whole worlds around customers’ journeys. As a child, the garage was my innovation lab, full of daring experiments that lead me to create my first theatre. That excitement and drive to create transformative experiences has only increased with age and experience.

I have the unique ability to dream up innovative solutions and then drill down to the most granular detail across all touchpoints: spatial, physical, digital and services. The cross-channel worlds I have designed in multidisciplinary teams since, encompassed 17 emerging technologies and over 240 unique, educational, interactive experiences and exhibitions. To make my designs pervasive beyond a museum’s walls, and my method leaner, I pursued UX.

My designs have been featured in numerous international media, awards and exhibitions. Highlights include:

  • BBC News, CNN News
  • Star Wars, The 80’s Are Back, Frock Stars, The Wiggles, and the Magic Garden at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.
  • International Breakfast Exhibition-Italy

Awards & design competitions:

  • First place, eco-sustainable transport-design prototype at University of Technology, Sydney 1998
  • First place, The World According To Gessle, Netherlands


  • Electrolux Design Lab Competition 2011


Phone: +614858303



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